My First Post

New year resolutions are some of my favorite traditions. The idea of a fresh start, and setting new goals to better yourself just seem like too good of a deal to pass up. My Dad always told me, “plan your work, work your plan”, so that is the idea with Nasty Trash. A place for me to plan, work, create, and produce content on a schedule to enhance my cathartic creative process.


I plan to post once a week for 52 weeks. I plan to not disappoint. I plan to keep the content light and friendly with a subtle personal touch. I plan to share personal anecdotes. I plan to share information about local businesses and insight about current attractions in my city.


Not only will this project push me to relearn everything Myspace taught me about coding in 2003, but I will begin to study more about photography, writing, and actively search for inspiration on a weekly basis. This is going to be a good year!


Follow along or drop in periodically, Nasty Trash is here to stay! On that note, I challenge you to create a project for yourself this year. Give yourself a resolution that challenges you to hold yourself accountable. Make it specific, make it a little bit difficult, and push yourself in a direction that may not seem comfortable. Whatever your project, do something that will hold you accountable for your actions. Be sure to create a community as you progress to learn and grow in your new year!


xx-nasty trash

One thought on “My First Post

  1. Good start. One post per week is respectable. I started with three posts in a week, later twice a week and nowadays twice a month. Translations in four languages take time. Happy blogging.


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