My Watch

unspecified 3.jpg

Classic. Timeless. Essential. When you read these words, what comes to mind? For me, that thought conjured a wrist watch. A personal touch to every wardrobe and makes all the difference.

unspecified-4 3.jpg

When I graduated from college I was gifted the watch of a lifetime. It was the only thing I asked for, because it is a classic. Elegance and simplicity all wrapped up in a tiny little black box.

unspecified-5 3.jpg

There isn’t another item in my closet that has received more compliments than this watch. I have worn it everywhere; from waitressing, bike rides, christmas dinners, and everything in between. A nod to the quality behind this watch, because it has been able to  withstand all the hard work I have put it through in the past few years. It must be said, this watch is a beautiful balance of detail and durability.

unspecified-1 3.jpg

Larsson & Jennings is a luxury brand, but you should know this is no ordinary watch. This watch will prove the test of time, and keep you stylish for years to come.

unspecified-3 3.jpg

Check out the Larsson & Jennings collection here

unspecified-2 3.jpg

Photos taken by my talented friend Anie Castillo

xx-nasty trash

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