Spring Light

In the previous post 5 of 52, I went on a photo walk. That day was roughly an 8 hour day sunrise to sunset. The photos turned out to be the neutral gray monotone that is Helsinki winter…


This week I went on another photo walk, full of sunshine, blue skies and approximately 12 hours of light from dawn till dusk.

That is a huge deal.

Helsinki is a place where the people faithfully worship the sun. I find this culture in Nordic countries fascinating. It is something that if not born and raised here, it will always seem a bit odd and unnatural. Literally, as I write this I am reminded to take my vitamin-D supplements.


It is something remarkable, though, after weeks of gray skies, white snow, slush roads, then suddenly one day, the blue heavens break through. You can physically feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, which up until this point has only been a memory and a reason to travel south for the winter.


I am grateful to have captured these photos, and even more, humbled by the sheer joy that I feel gazing upon a flawless blue sky. The sound of birds chirping and the gentle drip of snow melting off of rooftops. The combination of springs sights and sounds make winters end all the more rewarding. As if unwrapping a sacred present slowly and carefully, just to embrace each moment as a gift in its own right.


As the sun creeps back, and the light returns, I hope to take advantage of every beautiful day. I hope to embrace the season and use more energy to get out, create, and get inspired. The metaphor here is to be patient, not everyone can bloom all year.

May this spring bring inspiration, new motivation, and fresh possibilities to all of you. Thanks for reading!


xx – nasty trash

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