Coffee To-Go


Lately, I have been growing more interested in routine conversations. It used to be that I was eager to meet anyone who would want to explore new depths of wonderment and personalities. These days, the coffee dates and discussions between my husband and myself are more appealing.


Some staple questions include, “did you sleep well”, “what did you dream about”, and my favorite after work question, “what was the best part of your day”. Some answers maintain a standard response, others vary in personal details. More importantly, I am fully invested into these little interactions.

Although it took a great deal of time to attain this perspective, I am grateful for the investment. After sustaining a love over long distance and settling for good morning texts sent at midnight, some routine in our relationship is warmly welcomed.


  Another recent discovery is the value of authentic relationships. I understand for many quantity is more important than quality, and age tends to shift the scales. Since living abroad, I have been lacking in both. I believe in my previous post regarding time invested is more important to see relationships grow. Especially in the case of new bonds.

As for now, coffee dates with my husband and taking time to reflect are high in my proiorites.


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