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Eternal City

Another birthday abroad, this year in the Eternal City. It is difficult to settle on a thought that summarizes the trip. I had never been to Italy before, and after the weekend, I feel as though I would not need to go anywhere else. The beauty is in the details in Italy.


 There was a moment while wandering a small street in Trastevere I passed a table of 8 or so friends enjoying a Sunday lunch. The bottles were empty, the table stained with red wine, and the plates clean using scarpetta. Everyone was talking at once, and each person conducting the conversation in their own way. Although I do not speak Italian, I imagine their conversations had something to do with food, art, politics, or local gossip. It does not matter honestly, because the aura of their group was stunningly bright and left me mesmerized as they ordered a final course, tiramisu, for just a select few and some to share.


Another detail I enjoy abroad are the sunsets. Scandinavia does not see consistent sunsets, it just is not part of the culture here. It is a daily ritual that goes missing in my current routine. So every time I travel south, it is always an emotional time of day to witness such glory. It adds to the romance that is daily life in Rome. The image above may be one of my favorites from the weekend. A cozy walking street at dusk in an Italian January.


Most of all I have to take the time to thank my husband for being the best this past weekend, and every weekend. I am grateful each and every morning to wake up and live the adventure with my best friend. The support, generosity, and humor you share make my days better. Thank you for a wonderful birthday, Kulta!


Birthday in Amsterdam


Four years ago I was on the brink of the most invigorating journey of my life. That was 2013, and the trip turned out to be just a taste of what was in store for the future. Now it is 2017, I am married and returning back to the city where we met, where it all began. A city where I lived, thrived, worked, and cried…


This city changed me. The enchanting canals hypnotized me. The crooked houses tell stories from long before mine ever began. And the people, the people reinsure my faith in humanity (it seems as though my heart believes I was Dutch in a past life).


Amsterdam is a city for everyone and anyone. You can find history, art, parties, business, sport, love, and even some of life’s naughtier things. Most of all, you can find beauty. Beauty that has been aging like fine wine for centuries in the low lands of western Europe.


I dreamt of this city for years, fell in love in a matter of minutes, and will forever have the deepest gratitude for all the memories made and lessons learned. All of this, because of