City Walk


Last week I made the decision to open up and share something personal with you. This blog has encouraged me to see the good in my life, even when I did not want to see it. It is not to be confused as a veil, there are still dark moments that linger longer than I would like to admit. And the intention of this space is not to be a diary, there is a fine line between a confessional outpour and simple honesty. I believe social media and sharing online can be a positive catalyst to generate good energy in the world.


The pictures include some images I made throughout the week. A selection of moments I captured as the week progressed. Carrying my camera with me is not a daily custom, but it is something I desire to make a habit. It cultivates small digital reminders that leave me feeling accomplished.


To wrap up, I’d like to ask you to look at your days honestly, just as I have, and consider a few simple upgrades. It’s not always easy to be a better version of yourself, but taking the analog approach and consciously doing the work will make one hell of a difference just by trying.

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xx-nasty trash


This week my health took a turn when I caught a cold. I was out for a few days and did not get a chance to do anything for the blog. So the following are some photos from a gorgeous midnight sunset from last summer. Even though the temperatures are hardly ever ideal, the midnight sun is really something special to witness.

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Coffee To-Go


Lately, I have been growing more interested in routine conversations. It used to be that I was eager to meet anyone who would want to explore new depths of wonderment and personalities. These days, the coffee dates and discussions between my husband and myself are more appealing.


Some staple questions include, “did you sleep well”, “what did you dream about”, and my favorite after work question, “what was the best part of your day”. Some answers maintain a standard response, others vary in personal details. More importantly, I am fully invested into these little interactions.

Although it took a great deal of time to attain this perspective, I am grateful for the investment. After sustaining a love over long distance and settling for good morning texts sent at midnight, some routine in our relationship is warmly welcomed.


  Another recent discovery is the value of authentic relationships. I understand for many quantity is more important than quality, and age tends to shift the scales. Since living abroad, I have been lacking in both. I believe in my previous post regarding time invested is more important to see relationships grow. Especially in the case of new bonds.

As for now, coffee dates with my husband and taking time to reflect are high in my proiorites.


xx-nasty trash

To My Husband

28 Reasons why my husband is the best

  1. You make coffee in the morning
  2. You happily translate anything I don’t understand
  3. You’re helping with the “adult” stuff in our life
  4. You’re good at giving me attention when I need it
  5. You’re positive and motivating
  6. Your beard is looking great these daysIMG_3178.jpg
  7. You’re a great cook
  8. You are patient
  9. You have a hilarious sense of humor
  10. You play catch with me indoors with random objects
  11. The love you have for your friends is admirable
  12. Your diehard love for skateboarding
  13. The way you love baked goods almost as much as I do
  14. Your passion for your profession is commendableIMG_8047.jpg
  15. You have a strong devotion to living a healthy lifestyle
  16. You are an amazing teacher
  17. You are an excellent brother, son, and uncle
  18. Pretty sure my mom likes you more than me
  19. You wait for me to fall asleep before watching scary movies
  20. You clean the sink when it gets icky
  21. You have been the best about helping me adjust to living in a new country
  22. You are patient with my neurotic OCDs
  23. You encourage me to practice my crafts and explore my skills
  24. You are understanding and compassionateIMG_9341.jpg
  25. You look great all dressed up in a suit
  26. You also look great dressed down with a tan
  27. You are excited to travel the world
  28. You have only just begun to realize your potential, and there is so much greatness to be expected from youIMG_3573.jpg

I love you, happy birthday kulta

xx-nasty trash