This week I found myself in a familiar conversation, “How do you like living in Finland?” These moments perplex me. For the person asking, it is a unique conversation. For the person answering, it is a question that comes up repeatedly. So frequent, that I find my answers grow boring and unpersuasive at times.


To answer the chit-chat questions and continue a conversation in a mellow mood is a complicated balance. The answers are so personal, and I have a difficult time bringing my response to the surface.


Life abroad is wonderful, difficult, painful, and infinitely inspiring. In contrast, I knew from a young age to appreciate my surroundings, because I never felt like I fit in. People tend to remind me of that… “You’re different, where are you from?”


For the sake of small talk, I prefer modern devices like Instagram and using photography for instant expression. The images capture what I fail to eloquently say in a 15-minute conversation.

What do I like about living in Finland? …well just look at these little details, aren’t they wonderful?


xx – nasty trash


“It is not about having time, it is about making time.”


Quality time is the one and only way I truly feel connected to those in my life. My relationships have always revolved around a one-on-one connection and this approach has impacted relationships going into my adult life. I have had to evolve from a shy kid into a shy adult, and my fears of social anxiety have morphed into an elusive creature.

Making time can be the most genuine way to express your care for others. To be impeccable with your word and realistic with your time is not only a mature reflection of your personality, but it is also a way to hold yourself accountable. Committing to a timetable to create content for this blog is one example of how I practice this.

How many times have you said to yourself or someone else, “I am going to do that”? It is a life long practice and it will not always be easy, but I like to believe it will be worth it. Showing up, being present, and being sincere opens up a channel for love, and that energy goes both ways.


xx-nasty trash